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Testing for syphilis and herpes at Open House

Open House has a wide range of experience in diagnosing, managing and treating syphilis and herpes. Our tests are more sensitive than any other for the first diagnosis. If you have already had syphilis in the past, we also have other alternative tests that are highly sensitive, but they have a longer response time (5 days).

You can get tested for syphilis after three weeks of the at-risk contact that you want to monitor, unless you have symptoms consistent with infection, by coming into our clinics in Madrid or Valencia or using our remote services, starting at €40.

The herpes tests are performed using the PCR technique, but they are only recommended if you have symptoms consistent with infection and after examination by the physician at a consultation, starting at €80.


Syphilis has 4 different stages:

  • In the primary infection, it produces a sore commonly called a chancre. The problem is that this chancre is painless, therefore, if it is not in a visible area, you do not know that you have it.

  • The latent stage is a stage with no symptoms and can last a very long time. In this stage, the patient is found to be perfectly well, and the only way to detect syphilis is by performing tests.

  • Secondary infection is characterised by a rash that often does not hurt or itch and is not raised; it may cover a large part of the body.

  • In its last stage, called neurosyphilis, it can cause neurological symptoms in the patient.

There are two stages of herpes infections:

  • Primary infection where between 2 and 6 days after infection, multiple lesions appear as round blisters that later burst and leave superficial and painful sores that hurt and/or sting.

  • After this stage, there are outbreaks which are proceeded by a burning sensation in the area of skin originally infected with primary herpes which then leads to the same symptoms, but milder, which normally last for up to 10 days.


Routes of transmission
  • Syphilis is transmitted through all types of unprotected sex, whether it is oral, vaginal or anal.

  • Herpes is transmitted through unprotected oral, vaginal or anal sex or kissing or touching with a person who has an active infection. Having protected sex with a condom helps to reduce the risk of transmission but does not fully eliminate it.
  • At Open House, we are a centre specialised in syphilis. If you get a positive result on a test, we can start your treatment right away. Normally, it consists of a single injection of an antibiotic or three injections at one-week intervals. Afterwards, we will schedule a 3-month follow-up to ensure that the infection has been treated successfully.

  • Herpes: There is no cure for herpes. However, there are medications that can prevent or decrease the duration of outbreaks. If you are experiencing a herpes outbreak, the most important thing is to not wait and to go to a medical consultation.

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