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Testing for HIV and AIDS at Open House

At Open House, we perform three different HIV tests. To find out which HIV test is relevant depending on your case, it is important to consider the time that has passed since the at-risk contact that you want to monitor or the window period. All our HIV tests have a sensitivity higher than 99% and we return the results within 90 minutes at our clinics.

I want to get tested for HIV and my last contact was:

•Less than 3 days ago: It is possible to receive HIV treatment at public health facilities.

•Within 3 and 10 days: Unfortunately, you cannot receive HIV treatment and you still cannot get tested.

• 10 days ago: The first HIV test can be performed using the PCR technique. We can get you your results in 90 minutes, and the price is €140.

• 28 days ago: After 4 weeks, the p24 antigen and HIV antibodies test can be performed. We can get you your results in 20 minutes, and the price is €80.

• 3 months ago: HIV antibody test This is considered definitive even for the highest risk practices. We can get you your results in 20 minutes, and the price is €40.

HIV Symptoms

The stage of acute infection often goes unnoticed, but occasionally there are manifestations similar to the flu (fever, malaise, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes). Afterwards, it enters a stage of asymptomatic infection, and finally, if no treatment is received, it develops into AIDS. This stage is related to the presence of diseases such as wasting syndrome and a series of opportunistic infections which, due to having a weakened immune system, can lead to death.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the state of damage to the body’s defences due to having HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and not receiving treatment to control it. There are two different types: HIV-1 and HIV-2. In Europe, over 99% of cases are type 1.

Routes of transmission
  • Unprotected sex with infected individuals, primarily penetration.

  • Contact with contaminated blood through fresh wounds, eyes or through unmonitored blood transfusions.

  • Maternal-foetal transmission.

  • Sharing needles or getting tattoos with infected needles that are immediately reused.
HIV can't betransmitted by
  • Through sweat, tears, saliva or urine, therefore, it is not transmitted through kissing, hugging, caresses or handshakes

  • Through sharing cutlery, food or drinks

  • Visiting the hospital or going to the doctor

  • Using public transport 

  • Using the same bathrooms as a person who is seropositive.

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